My Experience With Online Job Searching

I probably didn't start searching for jobs online until my freshman year in college. Before that, I clearly remember looking in the phone book and using my landline phone to call local businesses to ask if they were hiring. If they were hiring, you had to physically go to that location, ask for a paper application, fill it out by hand, turn it in and hope that it wasn't lost among hundreds of other applications. Searching for a job online has made this process so much easier, not only for the job seeker but also for the employer. In this post, I want to share my top 3 job searching websites that I've personally used when actively seeking employment. All three are easy to navigate through and also offer more than just job listings.

Monster Jobs: The O.G. Job Search Website

top 3 job sites
Monster Jobs (originally known as is probably one of the first job-searching websites I'd ever used. If I'm not mistaking, it may have been one of the first of its kind. You can search for jobs on this site by entering the location of where you want to work. If you search by location only, it will give a broader list of employers, but you can narrow the list down by entering in a specific occupation, employer's name, or job field. In addition to job listings, Monster Jobs also offers a resume writing service (in partnership with Top Resume), interviewing tips, career management tools, and a personal finance center.

Snagajob: For Teens and College Students

top 3 job sitesWhen I first used Snagajob, it seemed to be geared more toward teens. I would come across jobs that would great for those who are just entering the workforce or looking for something part-time. Over the years, it has, in a sense, "grown-up" to appeal to college and graduate job seekers. This website works similar to Monster Jobs as far as entering in the location to create a listing. As far as offering more than just job listings, Snagajob offers resources such as resume and interviewing tips, work/life balance advice, and also videos geared toward these subjects and more.


Indeed: Simple and Easy to Use

top 3 job sites

Indeed is my favorite website of all three. If you are looking for strictly job listings with no extra fluff, this is the site for you. Indeed is set up similar to the Google search engine and is so simple to use. I can also say that I've had job recruiters contact me directly through this site with the resume feature that is available. While Indeed doesn't offer tips and advice like Monster Jobs and Snagajob, it does offer a salary search if you are interested in that sort of thing. 

All three of these sites offer an easy to use a mobile version. Be aware that some employers use multiple job boards to seek employees so there's a good chance that you will find the same listing on another site. Have any questions about searching for jobs online? I'll be glad to help! Contact me here.