April is right around the corner which means this year's tax time is coming to an end.

People are slowing down on the "new car" pictures on social media. All those new clothes are in the laundry and ready to be worn a second or third time. The new shoes have seen the light of day, the grit of the sidewalk, or the sticky floors of the nightclub. We've seen all the memes that are usually recycled every year. This year, though we were able to see some new ones due to the delay in the refunds this year. Filers with no dependents finally had an advantage this tax season, so kudos to you guys. In this post, I just want to share what I bought with my income tax refund.

(Disclaimer: This post is NOT meant to show off or brag about my getting a refund or spending money.)

income tax refund

Paid up all my bills

I'm not even going to try to act like my bills were not behind before I got my refund; I was still broke from Christmas and some other things I'm not too proud about. As soon as that money hit my account, I immediately started off paying bills and getting everything current. I'm such an adult!

My first Michael Kors handbag

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE handbags. This time last year I bought my first Coach bag and was super excited to be stepping into a new realm of handbag purchases. I've been eying the Louis Vuitton Neverfull but I felt like that was a huge jump from the Coach Burnett I had just purchased last year. You know, there's levels to this... At least there is in MY mind. I decided to go for the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote. It's a pretty large bag but I love it. I feel like it's practice before I upgrade to the LV Neverfull GM.

A new bed

Besides paying up my bills, this one the only other thing that I had planned out months ahead of time. I desperately needed a new bed. I had thrown out all of my old bedding on a whim and chose to replace everything. It felt great! I also purchased a few new decor for items for my bedroom. I'm so pleased with the aesthetic of my bedroom now.

Apparel for my daughter and myself

So, of course, you can't get a lump sum of money without buying clothes and shoes for your family. I bought my daughter a ton of outfits from Old Navy and Forever 21. For myself, I purchased clothes from Forever 21 and Torrid. I bought us both shoes from Rack Room Shoes. Luckily, the day we went to this outlet mall, every store was having a huge sale so I racked up pretty nice on the clothes and shoes. 

Added money to my investment account

If you don't use part of your income tax refund to make some sort of investment, then you are truly playing yourself. I not only added money to my stock trading account but also opened an IRA account.

An all-in-one desktop computer

This was my major purchase for this tax season. I wasn't in dire need of a computer because I already had a laptop, but I just wanted an upgrade. I told myself that if I bought this computer that I would have to get serious about growing my business. So far it's working out great, this blog is really doing the best out of the few I've had before.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post on how I spent my tax refund. I'm very pleased with all of my purchases and investments. I already can't wait to see where I'll be next year and what purchases I'll be able to make. Did you get everything you planned to buy with your tax refund? Let me know below!

Shaunte'a Moore XOXO