Alright... Here it is. "Sh*t Customers Say Part II" This time, I included a couple of my past jobs. Not even going to waste time on the introduction... Enjoy!

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Working at Hastings as the Video Manager, I had customers call about rental availability very frequently. No big deal there. The issue was when they would ask about movies that were still in the theaters, then get upset because I couldn't give them a DVD release date. Have we gotten that accustomed to bootleg movies?

I was working at Walmart as a stocker in the health and beauty aids. I had a guy with two little boys come up to me and say "I need to buy a douche... bag. Where do I find a douche... bag?" I point him to the feminine hygiene section and the little boys were chanting "DOUCHE... BAG! DOUCHE... BAG!"

My parents will go to a restaurant several times and describe a menu item instead of just learning the name of the item. (Yeah, even my parents are some of THOSE customers.)

So you're really just going to go to Whataburger and ask for a Whopper, huh? That's what we're doing now? And then have the nerve to get an attitude when you get corrected. Seriously?

I've had customers who swear that they've waited for 15 minutes for their food when we clearly have a timer that says they've been waiting for only 3 minutes. You do know we have to actually COOK your food, right? Oh, wait. But if you're counting the 10 minutes it took you to order your food because you didn't have a plan when you got here, then yes, you have been waiting for 15 minutes.

Making comments about an employee's physical features, gender, race, assumed sexual orientation, etc. Like really, who raised you?

Part One

I was shocked when I worked at Hastings and realized that people just didn't understand how movie renting worked. You pay to rent the movie for a certain amount of time and then you return the movie before the time is up to avoid paying a late fee. This was the rule... for EVERYONE! We would always get customers who would bring movies back late and have an excuse as to why they shouldn't have to pay the late fees. "Oh, I didn't like the movie." "I never got the chance to watch the movie."

My favorite would have to be a guy who came in to return his rental and there happened to be a confusion in his household about who was suppose to bring the movie back to the store. He has two sons and each one thought the other one returned the movie. Well, as he was moving some mail off of the breakfast bar, he found the movie and now there he was to return it. According to this man, he shouldn't have to pay the late fee because "it was an honest mistake". Way to flex your privilege there, Sir.

I had a customer call my store one time to let me know that she hated our food. She told me about how when she tells her husband to bring food home, he always chooses to bring our restaurant. I offered to replace her food for her and she refused. She said that she hated the food so much that she didn't want it replaced. As I continued to listen to her rant on and on about how much we suck, all of a sudden the phone clicked. I assumed she hung up the phone so I hung up. Well... she didn't hang up. She called back a few moments later and was even more furious than the initial conversation. Went on to accuse me of hanging up on her and how she would come hunt me down. Also mentioned some nonsense about putting me on some Most Wanted List. Sounds to me like your husband gives no F***s about your feelings. Or your appetite. Drop him, Sis. You clearly deserve better.

It's so easy for a post like this to focus on negative interactions with customers. To lighten up the mood a little bit, I want to take a moment to shout out those customers who make work worth coming to every day. Customers who understand that we are not perfect and that mistakes will happen. You guys are the ones that we go above and beyond for. If you're a frequent customer at a restaurant, retail store, or any other place of business, I challenge you to let those employees know how much you appreciate them. Take a moment out of your day and brag on an employee to a manager on duty or even the corporate headquarters for that company. Make sure they get the recognition they deserve! Thanks!

Shaunte'a Chanel XOXO