Happy New Year!

Happy New Year? Yeah, I know I'm about 3 months late, but I've been ghost and what better way to start my first blog post of the new year than with a proper intro. 


So, where have I been? On the brink of insanity, that's where. I only wish that my answer to that question could be "booked and busy" like so many other lady bosses I aspire to be. I don't want this post to give off a negative vibe, but just a look at what's been going on with me and what my outlook is going forward. 

What Happened?

Like most of every other adult with responsibilities, I'm stuck in a job. I really don't hate the job itself, I just hate working a job, period. I almost feel like I'm not cut out to work the traditional 9-5, but instead destined to follow my heart and become an entrepreneur. But what exactly is my calling? (Insert record scratch here.) 


When I first started this blog, I wanted to help those who were looking for job-related advice, such as job searching and interviewing tips. On the flip side, I also wanted to inspire others by offering advice to those wanting to start a side business while working full-time. These topics seemed like good ideas at the time, but after a while, it was like "how do I keep this going?" I did my research, asked others for input, then eventually I just lost the drive I had. There were times when I'd sit in front of a blank blog post for hours just hoping I would come up with something. My last post was Thanksgiving of last year. I shared a Tiny Kitchen video staring a tiny pecan pie. It was a holiday so I felt I had to post SOMETHING. Then after that, nothing.

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Fast forward to now...

It's a random Sunday morning. I'm sitting at my desk typing as fast as these words come to my mind. I have a good feeling about my efforts this year. I've set myself up to do some amazing things. I started a new business last month and I'm already seeing success. I recently gained a new professional title that I'll be sharing later that'll help with my personal and professional growth. I've been trying new personal development techniques that are working in my favor right now. This may finally be the year that it all comes together for my entrepreneurial mind and spirit. I'm excited, anxious, and scared all at the same time. Here's to 2018 being the year I get it right.