No motivation from your loved ones to start your online business? I got you!

So you've decided you want to start an online business. You've done your research, checked the financials, and you know exactly what product or service you want to offer. You have your plan set and you're ready to make the announcement. You share said plan with your loved ones, expecting them to be equally as excited, but that excitement is short-lived. They tell you how ridiculous your plan is. They tell you how that's not a "real job". So now you're sitting there like "What the hell? Why can't they see the value in this?"  Trust and believe, I've SO been there! So, how did I overcome the negative criticism from my family and get the motivation to start my business anyway?

I stopped looking for other people's approval to make decisions for MY life.

Right now, I have my brand, ShaunPolly LLC, that is made up of this blog, my YouTube channel, and a few other online marketing projects. I rarely discuss these things with anyone in my close circle of family and friends. It's no secret or anything, it's just I don't care to hear negative feedback about it. It was my personal decision to keep it like this because when you're constantly being fed negativity about something you're really passionate about, you get discouraged. It makes it hard to even want to pursue your dream if you don't have that support from the people you love. I don't have time for that. My dream has been to have my own business and be pretty damn successful at it. Why would I want anyone to stand in the way of that?

So, if you don't get support from your loved ones, where do you go?

Anything you've ever wanted to know is in the palm of your hands. Like, literally, in your hands right now. Specifically, if you are reading this on your phone. Google your product or service. Hell, better yet, do a Facebook search on it. There you will find groups and pages pertaining to your niche that will consist of other people who share your interests. Oh yeah, don't forget about Youtube! You'll find motivational videos to help you along. There's your support. A whole heap of people (lol...heap) who are where you are now or who have been there and have overcome the struggles you're currently facing.

What should you take from this?

If you're not getting the support from your family or friends, that doesn't mean you should give up. No matter what your niche is, there's a community of people wanting to accept you with open arms. There are people in the world who have NO idea who you are and what you do, but they want to see you succeed. I'm one of those people. I want you to do what you love and enjoy it. I want you to live the life you've always wanted. Best of luck to you and your business!