I really just thought it was a part of getting older

Not wanting to go out, not wanting to hang with friends, and not wanting to go to work because of people. I really just thought this was all part of getting older, but now I know that I've become an introvert. I would rather sit at this computer all damn day than to have to interact with people. Not even just new people, I hardly want to be around people I know. I thought at one point in time that I was becoming depressed because of how antisocial I've been lately. I get extra pissed when my comfort is disturbed. My family complains about how I never want to do anything, and they're right. I just want to be left alone to concentrate on my thoughts and creativity.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself just in case you don't realize that you're also an introvert:

  • Do you dread having to be in social situations? Parties, dinners, or even just going to a friend's house?
  • Do you often use the drive-thru at restaurants then chose to just eat in your car?
  • Do you walk around with headphones on just so people won't interact with you?
  • Would you rather communicate through text/email/messenger than a phone call?
  • Do you refrain from putting plans on social media in fear that someone will mistake it for an invite?

If you answered "YES" or "Hell yeah" to any of these, then you're probably also an introvert, my friend. Yay! Let's introvert together!

P.S.- (This post was inspired by this post I found on Pinterest.)