"Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends: Pick 3"

I recently came across an article on Inc.com about this 2011 tweet from Randi Zuckerburg:

I decided to use this post to talk about which 3 I would pick and explain why they are important to me.


I picked family only because it includes my daughter. I've always been afraid of missing out on her life because of work. She's one of the reasons I've decided to pursue an opportunity that allows me to work from home on my own time.


Oh man! I LOVE SLEEP! I feel like sleep is very important for mental health. I can't explain to you how bad I feel when I haven't had enough sleep.


Work has to be chosen only because if it wasn't for work, we wouldn't have this dilemma in the first place. I want to be able to do great work that I can be proud of. 

Why no friends or fitness?

So, I know you're wondering why I didn't pick friends or fitness. And if you ARE on of my friends, your probably thinking right now "WTF?" Well, give me a chance to explain.


One thing that I've realized throughout my entrepreneurial journey is that some of the people closest to you (friends and family) are not going to see your vision. The people that you will expect the most support from will be the ones who won't believe in your dream. A lot of the people that I admire that have built their own brands don't have a lot of friends. Why? Because when you are doing something different from the people around you, there's no longer that common interest.


No long explanation for this at all... I just like the other choices more than fitness, lol.

In All Reality

I feel like I could fit time for all 5 of these things in my life. It would be very unbalanced of course, but time for all could be possible with the right schedule and discipline. If you had to pick 3, what would your choices be? Let me know below.

Shaunte'a Chanel XOXO