A 9-5 is not the ONLY way to make a living


We're nearing the end of 2017 and can you believe that people still think that working a 9-5 is the ONLY way to make an income? Now, I'm not knocking their choice but let's be honest. It's VERY possible to earn a substantial amount of money working online. It just takes time, effort, and a whole lot of patience. I currently work a regular job, but I don't want to do this for the rest of my life, ya know?

I'm coming to you today with 4 ways you can earn extra money online by using your computer or smartphone.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog to make extra money is not for the impatient. In fact, you could wait months before you even see any income. I guess I should first explain how money can even be made with a blog.

  • Advertisements. Some bloggers use ads to earn money. When readers click on ads and buy something from that ad, the blogger makes a commission on that sale. Another way to make money with ads is to charge companies for ad space. This is sometimes used by bloggers that have lots of traffic. Google Adsense is a way to make money using ads.
  • Affiliate Links. Affiliate links are similar to ads, but in my personal experience, I like affiliate links because you work with the company and choose what product or service you want to share with your readers. 
  • Product or Service. Ebooks, consulting, t-shirts, photography, whatever you have to offer your readers, you could charge a fee to generate income.

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Start a YouTube Channel

Are you good at makeup, DIYs, decorating, or making your cat dance? Start a channel on YouTube and show your talents! I will warn you that the YouTube market is flooded because everyone and their mom is trying to become a Youtube hit, but it doesn't hurt to try to stand out. You could be the next big thing! Your favorite YouTubers not only get paid from the ads that run before and during their videos, but also from companies that sponsor them. Some YouTubers have even gotten to collaborate with huge brands to earn income.


If you love to shop online, this is the perfect way to make some extra money! With Ebates, you can earn cash back on your online purchases! The most I've ever made from Ebates is $150 on a $80 purchase! You can also get a referral bonus when you tell your friends to sign up too! Click the image below to sign up.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Start a Side Business

Do you love jewelry? With Chloe + Isabel, you can run your own jewelry business! It's easy to sign up and become a merchandiser. Purchase your starter kit and start spreading the word to your family and friends. You make commissions on your orders. All training is provided and it's most of all it's FUN!

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