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3 Simple Makeup Essentials for Every Woman (Including Tomboys!)

Shaunte'a Chanel October 23, 2017 No Comments

From a true tomboy at heart... I never thought I would get into makeup on this blog, but here we are... Let me start off by saying that I'm not a beauty guru in any way, form, or fashion. I wear the least amount of makeup possible and when I do, it's not very often at […]


My Favorite Natural Hair YouTubers

Shaunte'a Chanel October 11, 2017 1 Comment

A lot of people ask me for advice on natural hair, and I'll be honest: I don't know what the hell I'm doing myself. The best learning tool I've ever used with my natural hair (and everything else, pretty much) is YouTube. This post is a small compilation of some of my favorite natural hair […]


Bath & Body Works and ULTA Haul Video

Shaunte'a Chanel October 10, 2017 No Comments

Just posted a new video on YouTube!   Featured Products Peter Thomas Roth Firming Gel DevaCurl Kit For All CurlKind Thousand Wishes Body Spray


6 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going Natural

Shaunte'a Chanel March 12, 2017 No Comments

Yes, I'm a natural. No, I don't regret it. And no, you can't touch it. Here are 6 things I wish I'd known before I changed my life... er, I mean, hair. Some natural hair products are expensive AF! Before I went natural, I don't think I ever paid more than about $5-$10 for a […]