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How to Quit Your Job Without Being an Asshole

Shaunte'a Chanel March 6, 2018 No Comments

How fantastic would it be if we all could work a job that we absolutely loved? No drama. No stress. No annoying ass coworkers.    Since only a few people can actually admit they love their jobs and never want to leave, I want to speak to those who are looking for a way out. […]


Job Interview Outfits and Tips for Men and Women

Shaunte'a Chanel November 12, 2017 No Comments

When did people get away from actually dressing up for job interviews? Maybe it's just my line of work. Since no one values food service and retail jobs, I guess there's no need to get fancy for the interview, huh? WRONG! Just because it's not some high paying corporate job doesn't mean you should skimp […]


Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Job Interview

Shaunte'a Chanel October 9, 2017 No Comments

beginner's guide

I shared with you before where to look for a job, now I want to share how to get to the job interview process. This information can be valuable to anyone whether you've had a job before or not. Some of these suggestions are common sense, and others are a look from a manager's point of view. […]


After You Turn in a Job Application (Infographic)

Shaunte'a Chanel October 1, 2017 No Comments

You submitted your job application. Now what? Have you ever wondered what hiring managers look for when you submit your application for employment? Read More


Sh*t Customers Say Part II

Shaunte'a Chanel March 23, 2017 No Comments

sh*t customers say part II

Alright... Here it is. "Sh*t Customers Say Part II" This time, I included a couple of my past jobs. Not even going to waste time on the introduction... Enjoy! Read Part 1 Working at Hastings as the Video Manager, I had customers call about rental availability very frequently. No big deal there. The issue was […]


My Top 3 Job Searching Sites

Shaunte'a Chanel March 14, 2017 1 Comment

In this post, I want to share my top 3 job searching websites that I've personally used when actively seeking employment. All three are easy to navigate through and also offer more than just job listings.