From a true tomboy at heart...

I never thought I would get into makeup on this blog, but here we are...

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a beauty guru in any way, form, or fashion. I wear the least amount of makeup possible and when I do, it's not very often at all. This post is meant to share what 3 makeup essentials I think every woman should have, even if she doesn't wear makeup every day. 


This is probably the one makeup product that EVERY girl should own. The makeup essential of all makeup essentials. If you don't own mascara then what are you really doing with your life? Mascara is the one product that you can wear and no one is going to call you out for wearing it. (God knows I HATE being called out for wearing any kind of makeup. I don't care for that extra attention.) I can see the difference mascara makes when I wear it and I like that.


My favorite mascara is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It's a little on the pricey side, but it makes my lashes look AMAZING!


Eyeliner just seems to make your eyes pop. I love to wear eyeliner as my "yeah, she's wearing makeup" makeup look. And with my glasses, it makes my eyes pop even more. I don't do anything too fancy with liner. I stick with a basic black liner and I'm still trying to perfect that wing liner thing...


My favorite eyeliner is CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus, but not for any particular reason though. I think I just needed an eyeliner and picked up the first one I saw. I will say, however, I usually go for the gel eye pencils. I'm not too fond of the ones you have to manually sharpen.


I'm not talking lip balms here, I'm talking actually lip colors, lipsticks, grown woman stuff here. When it comes to lip color, a girl that doesn't wear makeup doesn't care to have a bold color that you can see from across the room. She wants to have a slight hint of color or even a nude that compliments her skin tone.


NYX Lingerie is my "no lipstick" lipstick! It's matte so it doesn't look like I even tried when I have it on. My lips are darker than my face so I wear this to give my face a more uniform look, if that even makes sense, lol. My perfect match is Teddy (10).